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24x48 canvas

includes vintage frame


Let's talk about the Patriarchy for a moment. It's layered and runs deep. To explore this a bit more, I revisited one of my previous paintings "The Princess and the Pea" and rather than the pea being the object causing lost sleep, it's the embedded (pun intended) system. These layers hold us back. They hold us down. They divide us. So let's talk about these layers:

LADYLIKE: Be more ladylike, or that's not very ladylike: both expressions meant to reinforce women's place as calm, danty, well-bred (which is also a very loaded patriarchal term brought referencing women as animals/horses).
MR/MISS/MRS/MS: Explain to me why marital status is only to categorize women?
ALWAYS a bridesmaid, never a bride: A common expression loaded with patriarchal subtext. Poor girl who never gets married. Marriage is the goal.
MAN UP: Definition is to 'be brave or tough enough to deal with something'. Ummmm, I'm quite certain women and marginalized groups are MUCH better at this than men!
YOU throw like a girl: meant as an insult. Because obviously, men throw better. Girls aren't for sports, they're for ladylike things.
TAKE out your tampon: also meant as an insult. Usually directed at other men when they aren't being 'man' enough.
MAN of the House: Nah, fuckers...this is MY house.
BOYS will be boys: a loaded statement that has been enabling bad behaviour (all of which is based on patriarchal ideals: I own you/ you owe me/you asked for it/it's my right)

MEN at work: bitch, we ALL work. But apparently, men do the real work so we make signs for that.
IT'S that time of the Month: a statement used to diminish feelings and emotions had by other men or women.
HAVE some balls: Obviously balls give you strength, intelligence, and power. Without them, well...we just throw like girls.
WORKING mom: no one says working dad. Meant to divide women and reinforce the role of housewife.
SHE wears the pants/whipped: No one says these in a nice way. A guy is whipped if his partner controls him/his life/his whatever. Again, meant to demean and reinforce stereotypical (read: patriarchal) roles.

GROW a pair: similar to 'have some balls'. Apparently in order to 'man up' one must grow a pair. I grew a pair....and they're real and they're spectacular! AND bigger than any balls I've ever seen, so there!

BACHELOR/SPINSTER: Think about these two titles. One implies fun loving freedom. Another implies a cat loving oddball who 'may' steal your child. You're only a bachelorette until you get married or past 'the marrying age'.

CAREER woman: No one says career man. Similar to working mom, it's meant to divide, to insult, to reinforce 'what should be'.

GIRLboss/bosslady/Momboss: Fun fact, I'm just a BOSS. Plain and simple. Adding girl/lady/mom to these implies we're not on equal footing. Stop it.

FEISTY nagging shrill tart slut hussy: all terms almost exclusively used for women. All demeaning. All mean "not being ladylike".

MISTRESS/Madam: Originally these were terms used to show rank and position. To strip women of this ownership it is now more commonly used to refer to women who do 'unladylike' jobs like run brothels, or dominatrix.

DON'T be a pussy: similar to growing a pair. If you're a pussy you are weak. Because women are weak. See the (patriarchy) logic?

TICKTOCK: your biological clock is ticking. No one says this to man. Women are constantly told time is running out. Better get married. Better have kids. TICK TOCK. FUCKING TICK TOCK.

MOMPRENEUR: Used to divide. You are an entrepreneur. OWN IT.

So many layers to this. So much to unpack.



The Princess & the Patriarchy

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C$700.00Sale Price
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