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Heather Lynne Travis is an artist, muralist, and maker.

If it can be painted, spray painted, or updated...Heather's on it like a moth to a flame.

Based in beautiful Bruce County, Ontario, Heather's bold original abstracts live in homes all over North America and even the UK!

Her large scale artwork and mural designs are created for curious kids and colourful grown-ups. 

If you would like to commission your own modern heirloom work of art, please contact me.

artist heather lynne travis in her studio with dog Eddie Vedder.jpg
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While Heather often refers to herself as an “abstract artist,” something about this feels too removed and imprecise from what she produces. At times, she plays around with pointillism, marking up a surface with coloured dots; at times, she veers more towards playful illustration; at times, as with her lone tree landscapes swirling with pink, it’s as though she is channeling the Fauvists.

                                                        - Amy Verner, the READ

Quotation Marks
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