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Bring a sense of whimsy to your space with a custom created mural.  Heather creates murals for homes and businesses. Murals are designed in active consultation with the client. Retail and corporate clients benefit from Heather's 20+ career in branding and marketing during the design process, ensuring marketing goals are met and #instamoments are created.


Heather only uses high quality paints and all designs are one of a kind.

Outdoor spaces, indoor places and spaces all need a little more life and Heather does it with colour. Unique designs for retail spaces, offices, nurseries, kids' rooms, playrooms, and all other rooms, walls, and spaces.


To contact Heather for a complimentary 15 minute mural consult, contact below.

Sauble Beach Pet Hospital Mural
Bruce Village Chiropractic Mural
Forks Bicycle Shop Garage Door Mural
Lightbulb Mural at Sydenham Campus Owen Sound
Door Mural at Forks Bicycle Shop
Mural at June Motel in Sauble Beach
Sauble Beach Pet Hospital Mural
Bathroom mural at Forks Bicycle Shop
Custom bathroom mural Private Home
Custom Mural Private Home
Custom confetti mural in Private Home
Connector Mural at Sydenham Campus
Sydenham Campus logo Mural by Heather Lynne Travis
Custom confetti mural in my own studio
Hall mural in private home
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