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I could write a dissertation on my love for Fleetwood Mac. I can even take you back to where it began. Picture it: February of 1988. A hotel room in Florida. Two pre-teen girls are left alone with snacks and MTV. Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies is in heavy rotation. And I’ve known every word to the song since. This is our story begins.


I made a playlist of songs specifically written by either Stevie Knicks or Christine McVie as part of my research. And unsurprisingly Landslide rose to the top. This was one of the few paintings for the exhibition I didn’t sketch up in advance. I had an idea, or more of a feeling. I wanted the falling to look hopeful. I wanted the new, ruff and tumbled up landscape to look beautiful (despite the destruction).


I must have listened to that song, along with a variety of cover versions, over and over and over again while painting. I listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac in general during the entire exhibition painting process. I will be so interested to see my yearly wrap up from Spotify this year, because it will say a LOT about my studio time this year.


Fun fact: the confetti trees are cut outs from print proofs of my multi confetti print run. I had fun doing a little decoupage and modge podging.


30x48 acrylic on canvas with mixed media




C$1,250.00 Regular Price
C$750.00Sale Price
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