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This was a fun one to paint. I loved the idea of her pegboard – something I’ve always dreamed of in a kitchen. It was also the first time I added in my projector to my painting process and definitely wasn’t the last! Sketching out all the various kitchen items, pulling them all together, and finally projecting the image onto canvas for tracing made the whole process rather fun and significantly less time consuming than sketching it out to scale would have been. Julia Child, who never had children, learned to cook when she was well into her thirties. She is a constant reminder to me that we can do hard things, we can try new things, and we can drop the food on the floor and carry on like no one noticed.


36 x48

Acrylic on canvas with oil pen



I like things to hang up!

C$1,500.00 Regular Price
C$750.00Sale Price
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