Imperfectly perfect and hap-hap-happy, that's what these earrings are. 


I needed another creative challenge away from painting and playing with polymer clay was it.  They aren't perfect!! (there may be imperfections and imperfect edges...). But they are VERY fun (and super lightweight).


Each pair is unique, even if they look sort of like another pair. This project wasn't about perfection. This was all about play. I encourage you to wear these as YOUR reminder to play. There is no age limit.


Price includes complimentary shipping (via Canada Post regular mail) anywhere in Canada. 


Buy one pair for $25, or two for $40, 3 for $60, and so on:)

>> In order to receive this discount, you must use coupon code EARRINGS. The discount offer not be automatically applied at check out UNLESS you use this code.

>> If you forget, you will be charged full price for all pairs and you'll kick yourself for forgetting and say, "gosh, Heather spelled it out so clearly....and I still forgot."


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