Welcome to #HLToriginalFabrics. Designed by Heather Lynne Travis and made in Montreal, these are fun, whimsical designs to 'lighten up' & brighten up your spaces. All fabric is made to order in small batches to ensure no waste. 

Fabric designs will be limited time only, as I introduce new designs. Please read the important information about fabric types & best uses, fabric care, and order timelines as you scroll down to place your order.

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Fabric Types:

Each HLT original fabric design is available in four fabric types. Please see each below to determine which is best for your project or use. Please also note the dimensions of each 'meter' of fabric (they are different depending on type). For fabric care, please see the bottom of this page.

Cotton Sateen 600C

Cotton sateen is both a beautiful and highly functional fabric. The underside is matte while the top surface is smooth with a slight sheen. At a 600 thread count, this fabric is tightly woven and you can feel the quality the moment you touch it. At a 600 thread count, each fiber in this fabric is actually 4 fibers twisted together to make one strong and continuous fiber, therefore producing the high thread count and exceptional feel.

Cotton sateen softens with every wash making it the perfect fabric for high use home decor products like bed sheets and duvet covers. 


Details: 100% cotton, 140g/m2, 1 meter (of this fabric) = 94.5" x 39"

Cotton Sateen 600C Uses:

  • Home decor including pillow shams, table clothes, duvet covers, sheets, and curtains.

  • Clothing including dresses and childrens articles.

  • Crafting and Quilting.

Cotton Canvas

Featuring a typical canvas textured surface, this 100% cotton canvas is even and smooth. The tight weave of this fabric means details are not lost in the texture, even though it's a heavy weight fabric. Cotton canvas has excellent structure so it can be used in projects requiring shape and durability (think totes!).

Details: 100% cotton, 275g/m2, 1 meter (of this fabric) = 55" x  39"

Cotton Canvas Uses:

  • Home decor including pillowcases, table clothes, curtains, and upholstery projects.

  • Good for outerwear including coats and blazers.

  • Can be used for all styles of bags and totes.

Organic Quilting Cotton


Made from 100% organic cotton, our quilting cotton is perfect for quilting or clothing projects. It is easy to work with and exactly what you expect in a good quality cotton fabric.

Details: 100% cotton, 135g/m2, 1 meter (of this fabric) = 54" x  39"

Quilting Cotton Uses:

  • Quilting, crafts, lightweight clothing, kids clothes.



Velveteen is a very heavyweight polyester fabric adding a touch of luxury to any project. Prints on this fabric have a subtle sheen and are soft to the touch. Formal wear is given enhanced elegance with Velveteen, particularly a suit made from Prickly Dickly...that's pure class.

Details: 100% polyester, 390g/m2, 1 meter (of this fabric) = 52" x  39"

Velveteen Uses:

  • Household decor and upholstery.

  • Accessories including bags and shoes.

  • Elegant dresses, suits, and skirts.

Fabric Care:

For Cotton Sateen, Cotton Canvas, and Quilting Cotton:

  • Machine wash separately in cold water for the first couple of washes. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt per meter of fabric. Use the max water level to dilute excess ink. Transfer immediately to dryer; do not leave wet in the machine or dark ink will transfer to light areas.

  • Machine dry on medium high heat.

  • Prints can be ironed (on reverse side) or dry-cleaned. 

  • Do not bleach.

  • Expect some shrinking.

For Velveteen (Polyester):

  • Machine wash in cold water with a phosphate free detergent.

  • Machine dry on medium high heat. 

  • Prints can be ironed (on reverse side) or dry-cleaned. 

  • Do not bleach.

  • Expect minor shrinking.

Order Timelines:

All fabrics are made to order in small batches. Timeline for orders is below.

  • Total timeline is roughly 6 weeks. 

  • Reminder all orders require 50% deposit. Please e-transfer 1/2 of your total invoice amount following the instructions provided in your order/invoice. You will be sent an invoice for the remaining 50% prior to the order shipping to you.

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